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Transform complex scientific concepts into visually captivating illustrations that foster understanding and engage all audiences!

Types of short distance intercellular communication

Discover the power of your data with tailored analysis that reveal valuable insights and transform them into compelling visualizations!

Correlation matrix on clinical samples

Our services

At Skid Visual Science, we enjoy tailoring our services to your needs. Therefore, if you need to tweak your figure set for coherent presentation, to generate specific graphs to visualize your findings, or to summarize your research in an eye-catching graphical abstractwe are here to help you!  

Illustrations & Infographics

With meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of scientific rigor, I help you bring your ideas to life through eye-catching visuals!

Figure Formatting/Polishing

Already have a figure set but it looks messy? I help you polish it or redraw it as vector graphics to make it look coherent in colors, fonts, & appearance with the rest of the paper! 

Graphical Abstracts

Make a lasting impression with visually captivating and scientifically accurate graphical abstracts for your research papers!

Data to Graphs

The appropriate plot choice is crucial in effectively conveying your findings.  With my coding and data visualization skills, I will turn your data into eye-catching and meaningful graphs

Cover Artwork

Having your work featured in the cover is a unique opportunity! Let me help you shine even more with a beautiful artwork to illustrate your findings!

Complete Data Analyses

Do you have omics data laying around but lack time or expertise to analyze it? I will help you navigate through complex datasets  translating them into exciting findings & publication-grade figures!  

Service costs

The prices indicated below are a general cost estimation based on the overall nature of the job, estimated duration and hourly rate (50EUR/h for illustration services and 65EUR/h for analyitical services, excl. VAT). Overall, pricing is subject to variations and depends on, for example:


>   Complexity of the illustration/artwork (realistic/cartoonish, nr. of colors, nr. of panels, etc.)

     or complexity of the data analysis (nr. of groups, software/coding requirements, etc.)

>   Size of the project (nr. of panels, nr. of figures, multi-category projects)

>   Total project duration (longer projects extending 1+ month will be charged at lower rate)

>   Urgency of services (extra fee)


Illustrations & Infographics: 100 - 2,000 €

Graphical Abstracts:  250 - 1,000 €

Cover Artwork:  500 - 2,000 €

Figure Formatting/Polishing:  100 - 500 € / figure

Data to Graphs:  from 130 

Complete Data Analyses:  from 1,300 €


Please, request a quote below for the services you need, explaining your idea, project, timeline, so I can better assess the aims and requirements of your project and define a suitable price, which will be reflected in a quote sent to you within a few days.

Get a quotation

To facilitate the quotation process and accurately determine the project duration and costs, check the tips below the Request box on what information to include in the quotation.

Thanks for your message!


Service required - figure polishing and nuber of figures/panels, cover artwork, data visualization, simple/complex illustration/infographic, poster design, logo, data analysis services, etc.

Project summary - Tell me what's on your mind: what style of illustration/graph  (realistic, cartoonish, how many colors, complexity of figure) do you want? What kind of data analysis do you need?

Deadline/urgency - for when do you need the service to be completed (including revision rounds)

Target audience - journal (and which one), conference, education, social media, general public communication, etc.   

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